My Community Dental Centers

My Community Dental Centers (MCDC) embarked on a brand transformation to position themselves as a premier dental care provider, moving beyond their nonprofit status. They recognized the need to attract new patients, particularly families, and aimed to develop a rebranding strategy that would resonate with this target audience.

My Community Dental Centers (MCDC)
Brand and Design, Marketing and Communications, Web and Interactive

MCDC's Brand Transformation

To meet the client’s requirements for the logo, our team carefully balanced symbolism and sophistication. We incorporated a tooth symbol, acknowledging the dental care focus, while ensuring the logo maintained a professional and polished look. By leveraging the overall brand identity, we successfully conveyed the desired message of high-quality dental care.

To create an engaging user experience, we fully embraced vibrant colors, captivating photography, and a touch of playfulness. The selection of bright and bold colors was intentional, as we wanted to establish a sense of cleanliness and pleasantness within MCDC’s offices. 

The photography we utilized aimed to allow potential patients to envision their families receiving care at MCDC, making it relatable and appealing. Additionally, incorporating playful elements served as a nod to children, who often act as the entry point for family dentistry.

"Our partnership with Well Design Studio has been transformative. We've reached a broader customer base and established ourselves as a regional leader in exceptional care. We're thrilled with the outcomes and excited for the future!"

Ashley Bodien, Marketing and Communications Director, MCDC

Integrated Campaign


After launching the brand and website, we worked with MCDC on various campaigns to recruit new families. The response was overwhelming. Later, we focused on recruiting additional support for these families. In early 2023, we collaborated with MCDC on their KinderCare campaign, prompted by updated school requirements in Michigan. Dental checkups for children were added alongside the traditional ear and eye checkups.