Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks (aka "Friends") is a local organization dedicated to supporting the City of Grand Rapids Parks Department. Over the years, they shifted their focus from parks to trees, causing confusion among people about their mission. They wanted to clarify their multifaceted work of exploration, restoration, and tree planting.

To address this, Friends sought Well's assistance in creating a logo that could tell their diverse stories while being flexible. The goal was to make it bold, enjoyable, and instantly associated with Friends when thinking about exploration, restoration, and planting.

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks
Brand and Design, Marketing and Communications, Web and Interactive

Capturing the Essence of Friends with Versatile Simplicity

Breaking down their activities into distinct categories became the foundation for the logo. However, showcasing all aspects in a single logo is challenging. Hence, a modular design approach was adopted to allow for versatile presentations that still captured the essence of Friends. The brand elements, such as color palette, typography, and iconography, were intentionally kept minimal, allowing the logo to shine.

"In the year we've worked with them, we've seen our engagement increase by 50% or more. We have had a record # of volunteers sign up, show up, and bring their friends. Our work hasn't changed—but our marketing and messaging partner has. I'd recommend Well to anyone, and often do. From web design, social media, traditional marketing and outreach, Well has been the best marketing partner I've worked with in 15+ years."

Stacy Bare, Executive Director, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks

Integrated Campaign

Explore Your Parks

After a successful rebrand, Friends of Grand Rapids Parks focused on marketing. They introduced the “Explore Your Parks” program, partnering with park user groups for community events like skateboarding competitions, disc golf tournaments, and street soccer matches. These events not only connected Friends with park enthusiasts but also expanded their brand to a wider audience.

Through the program, Friends built strong relationships with these groups, fostering ongoing communication for fundraising and advocacy. They now have a network of passionate individuals who actively support and champion their cause, whether it’s advocating for new skateparks or other projects.