Wave Card Launch

Wave Card Launch

The Rapid in 2020 made the transition from paper cards to refillable transit cards. This exciting change needed a brand that would help visually tell the story of this improvement, but to also create a campaign that could create excitement around this change. 

While the logo itself was developed by another studio, The Rapid wanted to broadly improve the overall look and feel of the brand. This is where Well came in to pull this together. 

The Wave Card makes riding easier, faster, and more convenient —benefiting riders and operators by consolidating and improving the logistics behind fare payment. We wanted to reflect those intentions in the central visual motif of the brand — the waves.

These visuals show clusters of waves coming together in the Wave card, mimicking the stream-lined experience that the card provides to audiences.

Updating the brand without touching the logo.

Many people think that when a logo is staying the same, it means the brand remains the same. However, there are a lot of ways to infuse character into a brand outside of just the logo. We helped The Rapid in developing an icon style, and an icon style guide which helped create an added layer of consistency throughout the brand.

Iconography is very important for brands that are working with multi-lingual populations. While our campaign was in English and Spanish, many in our community struggle with either language or are illiterate. These icons help them understand the idea without reading. 

Translation or Copywriting?

The campaign was built, in English, around the idea of “Wave Hello” to the new features of the Wave Card. However, in Spanish, they don’t have that idiom. So literally translating the idiom would have been, “shaking your hand hello”. If we are going to spend our time writing in Spanish, the very least we should do is make it fun… so that was where we went with it.

“Dile hola a” in Spanish means “say hello to…”. This is closer to the English meaning, but there is a small twist – in Spanish the word “wave” is “ola”. They share the exact sound “hola” and “ola”, so we put our spin on it for Spanish speakers – “Dile Ola a…”, and from there we ran with it!

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Designing for the moment

We launched this campaign during one of transit’s most trying moments. When a global pandemic was forcing people to stay away from each other, which is not always easy on transit. So we worked with The Rapid to develop masks and buffs that they could give away to riders and operators.