Parks Alive Leaders

Parks Alive Leaders

Friends of Grand Rapids Parks came to Well Design Studio with the Parks Alive Leaders program which hopes to ensure all neighborhood parks are represented by the residents who use the park. These leaders have the opportunity to participate in unique fundraising and sponsorship opportunities and events and help organize volunteer projects. But it is also a big responsibility to be in charge of your neighborhood park. So they hired Well to help show the vision of this inclusive program in a way that recruits new volunteers to go through the training. Once they finish the training, they will receive a SWAG box filled with Parks Alive Leaders goodies like a PAL hat, t-shirt, notebook and other fun goods.

Guiding Principle: Don’t Design Trash

Most brochures and marketing materials don’t live long before they’re thrown in the trash. To fit better with Friends of Grand Rapids Park’s ethos, we gave the volunteers an incentive to keep them around.

For the brochures, we focused on giving the materials subsequent uses. Not only does the brochure offer educational material about the Parks Alive Leaders program, but also has a beautifully designed poster on the back. While we may not give much thought to throwing away a brochure, getting rid of a poster would be a shame.

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