Outdoor Discovery Center

Outdoor Discovery Center

Outdoor Discovery Center, a community organization out of Holland, MI, contacted our team to help bring to life a concept from the mind of Richard Louv – Nature-richness. As he explains, in order to be a strong community you should focus on making your community more nature-rich first. You’ll find that many of your other community goals will follow.

If you want to inspire people to be more nature-rich than their neighbors, you need to make “nature-richness” feel integral to the community. We developed an initial concept and brand focused on bringing nature into every part of a community. We accomplished this by pairing rich photography with modern iconography. The used of a continuous line highlights the connection between our man-made environments and natural environments. It also helps us to create a flow, illustrating how aspects of the nature-rich mindset flow from classrooms, to businesses, to individuals.

In order to give Nature-Rich advice we needed to first understand where people, businesses and communities were starting from. We developed an interactive online quiz that helped folks gain quick insights, and allowed the ODC team to see where most people who take the quiz are starting from. For example, are businesses starting with basics like using recycling or are they beyond that using renewable energy sources. This information will guide the process moving forward.

This quiz is currently in development. 

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