Mosaic Counseling

Mosaic Counseling

TCM Counseling was in need of a brand that matched its vision of counseling, while being unique and memorable within its market to attract new constituents. After a thorough understanding of the brand’s vision from inside TCM Counseling as well as their stakeholders, Well was able to create a brand that was truly reflective of TCM Counseling’s vision. This began with renaming the brand to Mosaic Counseling. The new, inviting brand was brought to life through print materials such as flyers and brochures for new clients to learn about Mosaic Counseling. 

With the new name of Mosaic Counseling, various forms of the word “mosaic” were used during logo ideation, from symmetrical and geometric to organic and colorful.


LOGO process

The brand’s four main colors were built upon to create expanded color options as well as color pairings for a user-friendly brand. 

expanded palette and color use