Grand Rapids Community Foundation 2019-2020 Annual Report

Grand Rapids Community Foundation 2020-2019 Annual Report

2020 has revealed our strengths and weaknesses. Grand Rapids Community Foundation brought Well in to help tell a story of impact during a crisis. They knew that they needed to leverage their earned trust in the community to empower their partners in this year’s annual report.

In collaboration with the Community Foundation’s comms team and Carbon Stories video team, Well Design Studio developed a full campaign strategy and deliverables, which included a website, a print publication, a video, and a social media design system.

A Lasting Impact

The moment we’re in is not really a moment. What we see happening now is built on years of disinvestment in Black and Latinx communities. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened our awareness of it. Our campaign strategy sought to highlight the Community Foundation’s boot on the ground, those partners closest to the issues. Working collaboratively with Carbon Stories, Well Design directed the video above as a complementary and stand-alone story-telling piece.

A Community of Experts

Our design and strategy for the report elevates the voices of experts in our community on equity, business and lending practises, education, and others. Because the publication and website are finite designs, there were many quotes from partners that did not make it into either piece.

We determined that a social toolkit would allowed them to use social media as a true extension of the campaign. We designed templates that could be reworked to support any content that Community Foundation chose to feature; from audio (podcast) style posts to static imagery.

"We have to find ways to keep on doing he works and not give up because we will actually encourage other people to think differently. We continue to fight for equality and equity and creating opportunity."


A Digital Focus

A large part of our strategy for the report was considering how donors would be receiving information during COVID-19. Rather than go with the Community Foundation’s traditional print report exclusively, we placed heavy focus on making the video and web components of the campaign fully comprehensive. Every deliverable for this campaign was designed to stand alone as well as be a part of a more cohesive campaign.