Festival of the Arts

Festival of The Arts

Festival of the Arts is a Grand Rapids institution, with a brand designed to remember the legendary modernist Alexander Calder. We were tasked with translating Calder’s unique brand vision into a compelling event brand, website, and collateral.

The 2019 Festival of the Arts design draws on the work of Alexander Calder, the designer of the Festival logo and ‘La Grande Vitesse’, to bring new energy and life into the 50th Anniversary. Calder’s work is full of energy, from the bright primary colors to the movement of his mobiles in the air; it harkened back to what Festival means to our community. Festival of the Arts brings people of all different backgrounds, food histories, musical tastes and arts styles together. It continues to bring energy to Grand Rapids, even after 50 years.

Our designs look to the similarities we find in Calder’s work. His use of organic shapes and primary colors convey feelings of familiarity, energy, and life. This is who we are as a community; diverse, willing to share and learn. This celebration is a reflection of our community and that is what has always drawn us to Festival of the Arts.


Festival of The Arts

Our designs utilized actual shapes from Calder’s works and it allowed us to float his work throughout the entire brand. The result is a bright, inspiring brand that takes Festival into its 50th year with style.