E & M Design Solutions


E&M Design Solutions is a Midwest-based company that provides customized training and on-demand staffing for quality, compliance, engineering support, business process and business development services. EMDS came to Well Design Studio wanting to expand their online presence and offerings to include a Learning Management System (LMS). The previous site was in need of a redesign in order to both accommodate the LMS and to effectively market the company and the new offering.

The Well team worked to create an updated style for the EMDS brand; including photo styles, collateral styles, logo usage, and beyond. The goal was to create a standardized, cohesive, and up-to-date brand that works to sell the company and its products/services, both online and off.

Along with an updated brand guide, our team designed and developed a new, professional website and Learning Management System. This new system expanded their training offerings to include on-line and virtual classroom training, in addition to in-person training. This expansion made the tools more accessible to customers, by offering the same interactive experience without the travel time and expense.