Don’t Play Around Campaign

Don't Play Around
with Lead Campaign

Well Design Studio worked with the Kent County Health Department and the City of Grand Rapids to create the ‘Don’t Play Around with Lead’ campaign. The objective of this campaign was to spread awareness and educate community members on the dangers of hidden lead in the home and environment.

We used a Community-Centered Design approach which consisted of various small focus groups, observational sessions, and innovation games, in order to better understand the needs and vision of the target community. We wanted to make an impact on families’ minds by using universal children’s games as a way to show the potential harms of hidden lead in every-day situations.

Most children’s games have a hiding, finding, tagging, touching component to them. We used these ideas to create a warning not to interact with lead — it’s not something you can play around with.

The Well team worked with the KCHD team to create the concept and campaign; develop the messaging, materials, and branding; design and develop a web presence for the campaign, along with an accessible online self-assessment and resource directory with educational lead-focused content. The campaign launched in October of 2019.