Who We Are

We're a community-minded design studio.

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Work With Intention

We design for impact. Our projects affect real people, and our processes ensure we make change in meaningful, equitable, and intentional ways.

Create Joy

We create positive, powerful, and memorable experiences for all our clients, their customers and stakeholders, and most importantly, our community.

Never Stop Learning

We have an insatiable craving for knowledge. We're founded on continued learning and remain curious and exploratory.

Josh Leffingwell


Tyler Doornbos


Amar Džomba

Creative Director, Partner

Allie Miller

Director of Operations

Meg Chittenden

Marketing and Communications Director

Sam Cornwell

Web and Interactive Director

Amanda Toala

Studio Manager

Colleen Bruce

Senior Brand and Design Strategist

Taylor Fleck

Marketing and Communications Strategist

Jared Janderwski

Senior Web and Interactive Strategist

Ashley Badour

Web and Interactive Strategist

Alex Ziuraitis

Lead Web Developer