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Michigan’s 2018 voter accessibility changes went unnoticed by many, prompting Well to join forces with the Grand Rapids’ City Clerk’s office. Together, we developed a visual language and strategy to educate the public about these vital voting process updates. Our campaign sought to energize all voters and transform voting into an empowering and exhilarating experience for the entire community.

Grand Rapids Community Foundation - 2022 Annual Report

The Grand Rapids Community Foundation values their annual report greatly as it sets the tone for their communication strategy. It goes beyond content and focuses on storytelling, key individuals, and initiatives to convey their work. They approached us for the 4th consecutive year to assist with their Centennial Annual Report in 2022, and we were excited to shape their vision for their significant 100th year.

My Community Dental Centers

MCDC, Michigan’s top nonprofit dental care provider, underwent a captivating rebranding. We attracted new patients, especially families, with vibrant visuals and an approachable tone. Our successful campaigns promoted the KinderCare program for children’s dental check-ups, providing engaging content and simplified messages.

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